Rhodesian Ridgeback Raspberry Daiquiri
the Rhodesian Ridgeback Raspberry Margarita

Lots of Ice
A bottle of Sweet and Sour Mix
A Big Bottle of Tequila
Some Triple Sec or Grand Marnier
The Secret Ingredient...
Raspberry Preserves (seedless if available)
And of course, a blender

1. Start with the Sweet and Sour mix. While pouring, count to three (a three count)
2. Now a six count of tequila 3. A two count of triple sec
4. Add three big tablespoons of raspberry preserves
5. Whip up this stuff until thoroughly blended (about six seconds)
6. Now add enough ice to fill up blender three quarters full. Blend on the highest speed until frothy
When everyone asks you how you found this recipe, tell them it's from your good friend Sancho!