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Reader's Stories

***Is that you grandpa??
(Wenona, Il)
One reader told a story of ongoing haunting that her whole family experienced, "but it especially liked to mess with my mom". Ranging from the feeling of being watched, to cold spots, to her mother actually waking up with an apparition standing over her next to the bed, these phenomena went on for several years. Upon researching it, the family found that there was a junkyard in the same location as their home many years ago, and that there were local stories about a caretaker dying there. However, certain family members believed the ghost to be that of a dead grandfather.

(Toluca, IL)
This is one my sister recently told me that I'd never heard before. When I was 3-4 years old, my sister (who was in high school) had just gone to bed-- said she definitely wasn't yet asleep. She said she saw who she thought was me sitting at the foot of her bed, and she yelled at the little girl to go back to her own bed. The little girl rose and walked into the closet. Thinking I'd been sleepwalking, she got up to get me out of the closet; there was no one there and I was asleep in my own bed. "That was the only thing that ever happened to me that didn't add up".