clark street haunts
Clark Street

At 2122 N. Clark Street in Chicago, IL, you can find a row of trees that mark the site of the bloody St Valentine's Day Massacre. In 1929 Al Capone's men shot and killed several of "Bugs" Moran's men in a warehouse. Beady-eyed Moran, the main target, was not in attendance and escaped harm. Strange noises were reported at this site when it was still erect. The area is now in the lawn of a nursing home.
Even more tragic, in 1915 the ship "the Eastland" capsized on the Chicago river near the Clark St bridge, killing 812 people in the icy waters. Many of the area homes were used as temporary "morgues" for the bodies until they could be properly cared for. Screams are still heard form the bridge, and some of the temporary morgues, still private homes, have had strange occurrences.

St Valentine's Day Massacre The view of the site alongside Wacker Drive
the SS Eastland